Custom Gifts

Always wanted your own name, pets or style on one of our products to create your own unique item?

We now also make custom designs! This is how it works:

- Email us your idea for a custom design at Try to be as precise and clear as possible. If you would like a design of your pet(s), photos of the pet(s) will be required. Please also tell us which products you would like. See the list of available products below.

- We either accept or decline your request. If we decline, we will tell you why. We always hold the rights to decline a custom design request.

- If we accept your request, we will send you a draft and quotation for you to accept. We will also tell you a rough estimated time of delivery. This depends on the difficulty of the design and other pending designs.

- After acceptiation, we will send you an invoice to pay. You can pay with all regular payments methods, including iDeal, Creditcard and more. After payment, we will make your product(s) and send them to you!

Please note that custom designs are only available on certain items. Please check the pricelist below.

Artwork surcharge - €10,00

Button - €3,00
Cleaning Cloth - €4,50
Coaster - €5,00
Digital Download (PDF) - €2,00
Greeting Card A5 - €4,00
Greeting Card A6 - €3,50
Magnetic Bookmark (Sold per 6) - €18,00 for 6 bookmarks
Print A5 - €7,00
Print A4 - €9,00
Tote Bag - €10,00
Stickers - Price upon request

Price of the artwork is added to the price of the item. Some examples:

Custom Tote Bag: €10,00 Artwork + €10,00 Tote Bag = €20,00

Custom Button & Custom Cleaning Cloth: €10,00 Artwork + €3,00 Button + €4,50 Cleaning Cloth = €19,50

Wholesale orders are available upon request